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Travel Technology Companies

In the modern travel landscape, technology is indispensable for travel agents. Automated booking systems, internet platforms, and mobile applications streamline operations, providing quick access to real-time information. Technology enhances customer service, allowing personalized experiences based on preferences. It also aids marketing efforts, reaching a broader audience and promoting special deals. Compliance with industry regulations and secure handling of sensitive data are ensured. Overall, technology is essential for travel agents to stay competitive, adapt to evolving demands, and deliver efficient, secure, and satisfying travel experiences to clients.
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PROVAB, an acclaimed travel technology company, excels in providing online travel software, encompassing an airline reservation system, hotel reservation system, car reservation system, and holiday packages module. Tailored specifically for travel management companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B/B2C travel agencies, tour operators, and home-based travel agents, our software ensures comprehensive solutions. Seeking custom

travel technology solutions

with B2C, B2B, mid-office, and admin capabilities? LET'S TALK!

With over 12 years of excellence and a client base spanning 48 countries, we are seamlessly connected to 60 global travel APIs, including GDS systems, hotel consolidators, car consolidators, and bus consolidators. Our 20,000 sqft state-of-the-art development center in Bangalore, India, houses a team of 250+ highly skilled professionals. As a leading travel technology company, our workforce is proficient in web services integration, user/sub-user modules, and XML live processes.

To maintain a competitive edge, travel agencies spanning the United States, India, China, United Kingdom, Spain, Africa, and the Middle East are collaborating with travel technology companies to establish top-notch online travel software systems. Embracing cutting-edge solutions is imperative for substantial growth. Opt for the industry-leading travel technology company, PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, to stay ahead of the competition and ensure a pioneering position in the evolving travel landscape.

PROVAB’s Travel Technology Solutions include

PROVAB offers comprehensive travel technology solutions including user modules (like B2C, B2B, B2E, B2B2C), services modules (flights, hotels, cars, transfers, sightseeing, VISA, cruise, recharge) and backend admin modules. The travel tech platform for travel agents is also complemented by native mobile apps in Android and iOS, which can be deployed along with the IBE or in the next phase.

Flight Module

This module connects to flight GDS and brings real-time airline inventory, availability and pricing. B2C / B2B users can book a flight and generate PNR accordingly.

Hotel Module

This module connects to hotel GDS and brings real-time hotel inventory, room availability and price per night. B2C users / B2B agencies can book hotels online.

Transfer Module

Transfer module connects to transfer GDS and brings real-time transfers inventory, availability and pricing. B2C users / B2B agencies can book transfer deals.

Cruise Module

Cruise module lets B2C users and B2B agents book the cruise deals online while having the connectivity with cruise GDS and third party APIs.

Sightseeing Module

Sightseeing module connects to sightseeing GDS and brings real-time transfers inventory, availability and pricing. B2C /B2B users can book sightseeing deals.

B2C / B2B / Mid Office

PROVAB offers custom travel gds software platform with key modules like B2B, B2B, corporate, mid office and back office along with XML / API out.

Why PROVAB for Travel Technology Solutions & Software Setup

PROVAB is having more than 12+ years of experience in the aviation, travel / tourism, transportation and hospitality verticals. Our next generation travel technology platform (with GDS integration) is packaged with the best in class moduled to keep your agency ahead of curve.

Domain Experience

The best in class solutions that we have developed ranging from travel booking platforms, mobile apps and corporate booking tools

High Performance & Tech

We have been using top technology stacks for more than 15 years in various technology platforms. Connect to schedule the webdemo.

Reduced Cost

Costs of all aspects are considered and not only infrastructure, operational and resource cost. Its 100% cloud based booking system.

Better Efficiency

We follow agile development methodology and daily communication to keep status ahead while delivering amadeus software system.
Features of

Travel Technology Platform

Airline Ticket Booking
Travel technology platform is linked to the flight GDS through web services to fetch the online flight inventory and publish it on the front-end of the application in defined UI/UX format. On selecting a specific flight search result, it will be redirected to the payment gateway for booking confirmation and PNR generation.
Hotel Booking
Travel tech system will search for hotel deals through GDS and APIs web services and will find out the lowest tariffs available per room per night. On selection of a particular hotel, it will be redirected to payment gateway for booking and voucher generation.
Car Booking
Travel tech portal will search from the CRS (own inventory) and the API and will find out the best possible option available in a particular city as per the search by the user. On selecting one result, it will be redirected to the payment gateway.
Holiday Packages
CMS driven domestic and international holiday packages will be designed as per the client requirement and will be connected through payment gateway or online form enquiry in proposed travel portal development solution.
Bus Booking
Travel portal software will search the CRS (own inventory) and API of Bus and will find out the best possible option available in a particular city as per the search by the user. On selecting one result it will be redirected to the payment gateway.
Forex (Foreign Money Exchange)
As a leading travel portal development company, we set the module in admin to put the updated rates of currencies on what price they purchase and sale that particular currency. It can be processed through payment gateway if somebody wants to make the payment through credit card.
Payment Gateway Integration
Online payment gateway will be integrated to make the online payments by the customer. Online payment can be through credit cards or multiple payment gateway system to make it a globally accepted travel GDS portal.
SMS Gateway Incorporation
SMS API will be incorporated to send the sms to the client at the time of confirmation of booking or PNR creation.
Agency Accounts
For a comprehensive travel GDS booking system, a multilayer admin console is defined. Login facility will be given to the agents to add funds in their accounts with a certain cutoff limit. By logging in on the portal agents can book the Air tickets and Hotel deals from their deposit accounts up to the cutoff limit and as they will reach their cutoff limit, they will not be able to book tickets and rooms from their deposit account. Then they will have the option to book from a credit card. Agents will get the different options i.e.
  • To create sub users
  • Check different type of reports of bookings
  • Check the booking status
  • Can cancel the booking (if available with API)
  • Can check the vouchers and Invoices
  • Commission Generated

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel technology, which is also referred as e-travel platforms specially developed for the travel and tourism vertical. Travel technology is about designing and implementing the ecommerce solutions in the travel & tourism industry.
IATA NDC - New Distribution Capability is a travel & hospitality industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development, growth and adoption of new XML-based data transmission standard, which is called NDC standards today. This was started in 2012 by IATA to replace the old EDIFACT, which global distribution systems rely on. EDIFACT can only display information such as fares and schedules and need an upgrade to meet the new global standards.
To find top travel technology companies, you must point towards product development companies. These companies must have strong vertical experience in GDS, APIs integration along with understanding of business models like B2C, B2B, corporates and white label. You can also ask about top 5 projects and review the features and functionalities. Talk to existing clients about their ROI as well.
Travel GDS provides a single point of access for consolidated travel inventory and pricing. Millions of agents access that data, process the bookings for their end customers at any given time. The information provided by travel GDS systems like inventory, rates, availability, details are in real time and thus it reduces the overall execution time per booking for travel agencies is less, which leads to higher revenues and profits.
A travel GDS system is a global network operating as an intermediary between airlines, hotels and other service providers with travel agents, DMCs, corporate travel management companies and travel distribution platforms. Travel GDS platforms consolidates the inventory, availability, pricing and will desired details and grants the access to agents, OTAs, IBEs and other channels.
One of key prerequisites of travel GDS integration on your website is IATA accreditation (or ARC, if you are in United States). If you are an IATA agent, you can apply for any of top GDS systems like Amadeus, Travelport or Sabre. Once you receive your test credentials, hire a professional travel portal development company to integrate the GDS web services on your booking platform. Once the integration is done, you can proceed for live certification to make it live.
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