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With 80,000 plus destinations in 15000 plus cities, Hotelspro API enables any online reservation system / hotel booking engine to provide their agents, best hotels and activities at lowest wholesale rates. Travel management companies having both FIT customers and agents, can provide a broad range of hotel contents through hotelspro API integration. Hotelspro booking API allows customers to search and book hotels with ease through your hotel booking engine itself. So if you are developing an amazing hotel booking engine platform with hotelspro API integration - contact PROVAB today.
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Hotel API Integration
Provab Technosoft, a leading hotel booking engine development company, integrates multiple hotel suppliers using their web services APIs. Likewise we integrate

hotelspro API

through a single unified hotel booking API connection while providing rich hotel contents connected with customers hotelspro credentials. The booking engine can also have several other hotel XMLs connected in parallel to access of hotels, motels and apartments worldwide.

Provab has a team of 300+ professionals and its dedicated travel technology and API integration team follows the agile methodology to bring the customer idea into reality by developing online booking engines, travel portals, extranets, travel CRMs and custom travel applications.

PROVAB’s Hotelspro API Integration Services Includes

PROVAB has integrated more than 65+ suppliers overall in travel and hospitality domain. With its expertise in designing intuitive and innovative booking engines using

hotelspro coral API

web services, PROVAB has delivered hundreds of booking engines to global customers. PROVAB is very strong in full-stack development and is well-versed in integrating any hotel XML API while using multiple programming languages, frameworks and databases.

Hotelspro Coral API

HotelsPro’s new generation search API Coral gives its customers the fastest and seamless access to a vast hotel inventory with reliable and detailed content.

Hotelspro Mapping System

Hotelspro cosmos is a hotel mapping system having a universe of data that includes hotels, destinations and media content in a multi-language format overall.


With Hotelspro API, one can develop hotel booking websites that are designed to be more accessible and user-friendly having multiple languages.

Multi Currency

Hotelspro APIs support multi currency option to support end customers as per their country of origin and the default currency, which they want to use.

B2C & B2B Modules

Travel agents can have hotel booking engine with B2C, B2B, B2B2C and B2B2B modules using the same single Hotelspro API live key connection.

Native Mobile Apps

PROVAB develops native mobile applications (Android / iOS) connected with backend of online hotel booking engine supported by hotelspro XML live credentials.

Hotelspro API Integration WorkFlow

At PROVAB, our hotelspro
API integration team
and framework experts provide extensive support during hotelspro hotel API integration and live certification. They let you leverage the ready codes and libraries to complete the integration sooner than expected. You are assured of full scale OTA or mobile application to build rapid growth in your niche.

Sandbox Access

Post API contract signoff, agency code is created. Same time, sandbox and test credentials are sent to end customer.

Hotelspro Coral WS

Using customer’s hotelpro test credentials, our developers connect to hotelspro coral web services to bring the hotel deals data on customer’s OTA platform.

Test Cases Evaluation

Post hotelspro web services integration, test cases are sent to hotelspro certification team to validate the logic of application or mobile app.

Live Credentials

On approval of all test cases, followed by few bookings in test environment, live credentials are granted to set hotel booking engine live.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hotelspro is a leading aggregator in travel / tourism vertical and its owned by Metglobal Group of companies. gives 24-hour online access to the competitively priced hotel rates enabling travel agents and tour operators to book from its far-reaching portfolio of more than 500,000 hotels in over 205 countries.
The HotelsPro Coral API sets-up dynamic interaction between online hotel booking systems and HotelsPro's customers. Hotelspro API responds in JSON and supports HTTP over SSL authentication.
In terms of most searched hotel booking APIs providers - hotelbeds, DOTW, and Travelomatix are leading the stock.
If you want a right on time deployment of your hotel booking portal, it is better to go for dedicated hotel booking API developers who work solely on hotel API integration and live certification to deliver you faster results.
In general, hotel API development company should have -
  • At-least 10 years of experience in travel domain and hotel API integration.
  • Must have deployed 100 OTA platforms.
  • Should have a team of more than 200 programmers
  • Should have clients in more than 15 countries
If you get all these criterias fulfilled, then it is safe to hire a hotel API developer from that firm.
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