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Travel API Provider

Are you a travel agency or DMC and searching for travel API provider to setup online travel booking platform? Travel ecommerce has grown several fold over the last decade and 55% of all the travel bookings are actually performed over IBEs and OTAs today. Travel APIs are a set of web services XMLs to access the airline contents, hotels, transfer, sightseeing contents in real time with availability & pricing. So if you are building an amazing travel booking platform or an app and looking for a third party travel api provider for access of web services - contact PROVAB today.
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Travel API Provider
Provab Technosoft is a leading

travel API company

and along with its IATA accredited fully owned subsidiary, it helps you to maximise your need of travel inventory through a single unified

travel booking API

connection while providing rich flight contents aggregated through several IATA and Non IATA consolidators. Provab’s open travel API XML suite includes flight API, hotel API, car API, transfer API and sightseeing API.

Provab has a team of 300+ professionals and its dedicated travel technology and API integration team follows the agile methodology to bring the customer idea into reality by developing flight booking portals, extranets, DMC systems, airline reservation system and custom applications.

PROVAB’s Travel API & Distribution Suite

Provab, being one of the most reputed

travel api providers

, has created 4 stages integration process starting from sandbox access to live certification. Separate APIs / XMLs are written for different types of content and thus make the integration process very easy. Any full-stack API developer well-versed in any programming language, framework and database can easily understand the workflow and integrate travel APIs.

Flight API

A leading flight API provider offering contents from 750+ airlines including GDS carriers and LCCs (low cost carriers) connecting 275+ countries overall.

Hotel API

More than 130,000+ hotels / accommodations / villas available through our hotel API suite, makes us one of the top hotel api providers.


Being a leading car API provider, we aggregate worldwide rental vehicle inventory through top consolidators and share to agents and platforms.

Transfer API

Best in class inventory of transfers consolidated through top suppliers including the regional ones, makes up leading transfer API provider.

Sightseeing API

Rich inventory of activities, curated through the best recommended sources by thousands of travellers for unique experiences.

API Support

Known as the
best travel API provider
, we provide comprehensive technical support during travel API integration and live certification process.

What is travel API?

Travel API is a set of web services that enables travel feeds (inventory, availability, pricing, terms etc) transmission between aggregator and the booking platform. By integrating travel APIs, agencies can offer real time availability of flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and all ancillary services including bookings, amendments and cancellations.

Who are the top travel API providers?

Following are some of the best travel API providers. Most of these provide global travel contents / feeds while some focus on smaller geography.

Amadeus Travel APIs

Amadeus is one of the most preferred GDS systems today. Global travel management companies are using Amadeus gds to access online travel contents including airline, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cars and other ancillary services through Amadeus travel APIs / web services. Amadeus processes the highest number of transactions on a day to day basis. In the last 25+ years, Amadeus has become the largest gds system and the biggest travel content aggregator around the world.

Travelport Universal APIs

Galileo GDS system - offered by TravelPort, is one of the most sophisticated global distribution systems for travel domain. Galileo GDS provides global distribution services for the travel industry with advanced computer reservation software, top of the line travel system and web services XMLs. B2B and B2C booking software with Travelport universal APIs are surging in India, United States, Mexico, Europe, South Africa and Malaysia. In the last 22+ years, Galileo GDS has become one of the largest gds systems.

Sabre Travel APIs

Sabre GDS system is the connect between the travel services buyers and sellers. Sabre GDS is supported (in terms of travel inventory) by more than 400 flight carriers, 200,000 hotels, global tour operators and several car and cruise providers. Sabre system is connected to more than 400,000 travel agents worldwide, who are serving to end clients. Sabre GDS system processes more than a million travel booking transactions per minute during the high season. B2B and B2C travel portals with Sabre software system are surging in United States, Europe, UAE, India, Africa (Nigeria, Egypt) and Indonesia.

TBO Travel APIs

TBO Holidays is one of the leading travel aggregator, connected with 70,000 travel agencies across 100+ countries while using TBO’s award winning platform to book global travel contents online. TBO offers flights, accommodations, cruise, cars, transfers and sightseeing.

PKFare Travel APIs

PKFARE aggregates real time big data from over 600 airlines, 400,000 properties and 20 DMCs, covering over 100 countries and regions. PKFARE is an innovative global travel trade marketplace offering air tickets, hospitality and destination products. Empowered by its global resources, machine learning technology, big data and dynamic hedging and payment model, PKFARE provides global travel players with smart integrated solutions including real time inventory data, best buy rate, seamless multilingual customer service and diversified product portfolios.

Hotelbeds APIs

Hotelbeds is one of the largest aggregators with 1,80,000 hotels in around 185 destinations worldwide. Hotelbeds API enables any hotel booking system or distribution platform to provide their agents and B2C clients, best hotels and activities at lowest wholesale rates. Simply using Hotelbeds API integration solution is enough to gain access to vast inventory from multiple sources with competitive prices. Hotelbeds booking API additionally provides you access to additional services such as sightseeing, transfers and even car rentals.

Skyscanner APIs

Skyscanner was established in 2003 with the unique objective of showing all flight options in one place. Today it has gone from a flight search engine to a global leader in travel. More than 100 million people across the world (that's quite a few!) rely on its app and website each month to help them with their travel plans. It also provides skyscanner APIs to distribute the contents on global OTA platforms. APIs

If you are an OTA or a destination website, want to have top of the hotel inventory on your booking platform, integrate API. It offers solutions for OTAs, hotel channel managers, property owners and affiliates like travel bloggers and media outlets. The online accommodation platform currently offers over 29,420,861 properties, 12,500 affiliates, and well-architected framework features in 41 languages, 23 countries with payment card supports Visa, American, Express, MasterCard. The APIs support both XML and JSON formats using HTTP basic authentication.

Expedia API

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) APIs robust structure brings quick responses and retrieves data from multiple sources instantly to give real-time updates on rates and availability on your booking platform. The EAN APIs are used to book hotels, flights and cars. Expedia's well designed framework enables 200+ travel booking sites across 75 countries and 150+ mobile websites. Expedia API Integration connects any online booking system to 140,000 hotels spread across 245 countries. Expedia has a great user base in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and UAE.

Travel API Integration Flow

At PROVAB, our
travel API integration
team and framework experts provide extensive support during APIs integration and live certification. They let you leverage the ready codes and libraries to complete the integration sooner than expected. You are assured of full scale OTA or mobile application to build rapid growth in travel booking vertical.

Sandbox Access

Post API contract signoff, agency code is created. Same time, sandbox and test credentials are sent to client’s developers.

Web Services Integration

Developers get the integration kit and they can start integrating PROVAB’s flight APIs on their platform in a seamless way.

Test Cases Evaluation

Post flight web services integration, test cases are sent to client’s developers to validate the logic of application or mobile app.

Live Credentials

On approval of all test cases, followed by few airline bookings in test environment, live credentials are granted to set the application live.
700+ Airlines Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel API is a set of web services using which any agency / OTA platform or IBE connects to a source, which may be GDS or any third party travel content aggregators. By integrating travel API, agencies can offers real time availability of flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing and all ancillary services including bookings, amendments and cancellations.
If you are an IATA agent, you can take the travel booking APIs (web services) from any of the leading GDS systems like Amadeus, Travelport or Sabre. But if you are Non IATA, then you should contract with third party travel API providers to get the access of flight data. Once you get the travel APIs access, hire a professional portal development company to integrate the travel APIs on your booking platform. Once the integration is done, you can proceed for live certification to make it live.
Travel APIs provide a single point of access for consolidated airline inventory and pricing. Millions of agents access that data, process the bookings for their end customers at any given time. The information provided by travel XML providers like inventory, rates, availability, details are in real time and thus it reduces the overall execution time per booking for travel agencies is less, which leads to higher revenues and profits.
In terms of most searched flight APIs providers - Amadeus, Travelport, Galileo, Expedia, TBO, Priceline and Travelomatix are leading the stock.
If you want a right on time deployment of your flight booking portal, it is better to go for dedicated flight API developers who work solely on airline API integration and live certification to deliver you faster results.
If you are going for third party flight API provider, you must look for IATA certified provider. Apart from live projects and test system, you must look for IATA certificate which is issued by International Air Transport Association.
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