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Expedia API

Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) - Expedia API’s robust structure brings quick responses and retrieves data from multiple sources instantly to give real-time updates on rates and availability on your booking platform. The

Expedia APIs

are used to book hotels, flights and cars. Expedia's well designed framework enables 200+ travel booking sites across 75 countries and 150+ mobile websites. Expedia API Integration connects any online booking system to 140,000 hotels spread across 245 countries. Expedia has a great user base in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India and UAE. So if you are looking forward to develop an online booking engine platform - contact Provab Technosoft to learn more about Expedia API integration services.
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Expedia API Integration
Provab, being one of the best travel technology company, possesses great expertise in

Expedia API integration

. We integrate multiple APIs of flights, APIs of hotels, cars rentals, flights while consuming their web services APIs. The APIs use both REST and SOAP protocol and responses are formatted in XML.

Provab has a team of 300+ skilled and certified professionals having excellent work experience on building the dynamic web booking engine and mobile applications. The experts are familiar with

Expedia API integration practices

. Our proficient and skilled agile development team offers the ease of setting up and implementing high-end solutions by developing online travel portals, booking engines, extranets, travel CRMs, and customized applications. Partnering with us, ensures being in the spheres of the most competent travel application experts, who understand your business needs.

PROVAB’s Expedia API Integration Services Includes

PROVAB has integrated more than 65+ suppliers overall in the travel and hospitality domain. With its expertise in designing intuitive and innovative booking engines using
expedia API web services
, PROVAB has delivered hundreds of booking engines to global customers. PROVAB is very strong in full-stack development and is well-versed in integrating any
travel API
while using multiple programming languages, frameworks and databases.
Expedia EAN API
EAN powers the hotels, airlines, top consumers brands, online travel agencies, and partners through its API and affiliate solutions.
Expedia EPS Booking API
Expedia partner solution APIs primary method creates a reservation for a given property, room, rate and occupancy.
Expedia EPS Content API
This EPS API gives programmatic access to content of all properties, including list of active properties, ist description, hotel pictures, address, policies, etc.
EPS Shopping API
This EPS API allows to access 250 properties per request, also includes rate details, such as promos, refundable rate, cancellation and full price breakdown.
EPS Car Rental API
This EPS API is fully equipped with the latest amenities and safety features, along with a variety of offers in pick-up and drop-off.
EPS Geography API
This EPS API retrieves geography information and property mappings for more than 600,000 regions and airports. Information request is retrieved using region ID.
Expedia API Integration WorkFlow
At PROVAB, our API integration team and framework experts provide round the clock support during Expedia hotel API integration and live certification. Our team of skilled testers and developers do several checks on code and libraries to complete the integration much sooner than before. We increase your business momentum of your workforce and partner by building full scale OTA or app development to showcase your organization as a progressive-entity.
Static Test
Post API contract signoff, static test will test your API integration. A static booking creates an itinerary record but doesn't interact with the supplier or create a reservation record.
Access to API Key
Sign in to your EPS account to get access keys tab. There will be list of API keys also you can see which key is live in the development or production environment.
Test Cases Evaluation
Post Expedia web services integration, test cases are evaluated by Expedia certification team to validate the logic codes of application or mobile app.
Live Credentials
With approval on all test cases, followed by few bookings in test environment, live credentials are granted to the client to manage its live hotel booking engine.
700+ Airlines Worldwide


Frequently Asked Questions
Owned by Expedia Group, is one of the biggest travel booking platforms. Using Expedia API, developers can integrate advanced functionalities into their travel portals enabling users to easily search and book travel deals. It has an API key authentication model and is a single purpose API with a RESTful architecture. It supports XML response format and JSONP, URI Query String/CRUD request format.
An Affiliate in a broad sense is any online site which wishes to partner with the Expedia brand, products and services. By joining the Expedia affiliate program you get the opportunity to team up with a number of online travel agencies, to earn additional revenue. Leverage the Expedia brand to better serve your visitors and to attract new people by featuring links on your site for promotions, and inventory. Wherein Expedia's merchant API enables a single buyer to pay multiple merchants in a single checkout.
At this time, Provab takes on the responsibility towards performing several test bookings/cancellations for our initial launch suppliers. After the final test our next step will be towards providing results with you.
In terms of most searched hotel booking APIs providers - hotelbeds, DOTW, and Travelomatix are leading the stock.
Both scenarios are supported and the decision to manage authentication is done by a single API key for all suppliers. Different API key for each supplier is up to the booking platform and will depend on their own security policies and practices.
It is mandatory to map all your activities, offers, and ticket IDs currently available and live on Expedia. We cannot switch a supplier in between doing so would cause booking failures for unmapped products.
We believe hiring a developer with extensive experience in booking API development and integration will be a plus pointf for you. If you want a right on time development and deployment of your booking portal, it is better to go for dedicated booking engine developers. The developers are specifically instructed to solely work on API integration and live certification to deliver you faster results.
In general, hotel API development company should have -
  • At-least 10 years of experience in travel domain and hotel API integration.
  • Must have deployed 100 OTA platforms.
  • Should have a team of more than 200 programmers
  • Should have clients in more than 15 countries
If you get all these criterias fulfilled, then it is safe to hire a hotel API developer from that firm.
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