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How to Start A Travel Agency

People are traveling more and more, for business, leisure and even just for the sake of it. All, for various reasons, don’t always approach the bog travel agencies to book their flight tickets and reserve hotel rooms. Many resort to local and independent travel agents whom they know well. But the small and medium players have to keep pace with the ever- changing trends in the travel industry. Many travel startups ask this question from us -

How to open a travel agency

? If you are a Non IATA or IATA agent, and want to start a travel agency online - LETS TALK!!!
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How to Start A Travel Agency

Sherif Nasser - IT Head
Syal Travel

PROVAB is a leading travel portal development company based in India. We build

travel agency website

, online booking software, travel apps and travel extranet solutions for global customers. With APIs access on your platform, travel agents can search and book flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, cruise and rails online. PROVAB employs 300+ highly skilled professionals in travel technology domain, at its best in class development center located at electronic city. The team is qualified to set up all the tools for you to start a travel company online (OTA).

Travel business has changed a lot in recent times. Most of the new entrants start with a query -

how to start as a travel agent

? Today, the travel agencies no longer just inform the customer about the availability of the flights, their schedule, issue the ticket and get commission from the airline. Now with the online travel portals & websites, customers can book online. That’s why most of the travel startups are actually following the OTA model.

With these online travel agency software platforms, answering -
how to create a travel agency
, is relatively easier. New doors leading to profit have been opened for travel agencies. You can turn to customized package tours, holiday packages, cruises, hotel packages, tours for your locale or some specific places, and so on. You can work on your own or for another agency. You can specialize in pilgrimages, leisure travel, business travel or any niche ones. You select your sector and then you can start your own travel agency with your niche offerings.

Focusing on what best you can offer, is the key to success. Best hotels in a specific geography, top sightseeing and transfer tours. You can give them personalized service. This will make the customer take you as a reliable agency and they will feel more secure during their travel. Your customers should feel confident that you will arrange everything possible for them: hire a car, find their favorite cuisine, and so on. With this, the original question -
how to open a travel agency business
, finds the right answer.

PROVAB’s Travel Booking Website Services include

PROVAB offers comprehensive travel website development services including user modules (like B2C, B2B, B2E, B2B2C), services modules (flights, hotels, cars, transfers, sightseeing, VISA, cruise, recharge) and backend admin modules. The booking website for travel agents is also complemented by native mobile apps in Android and iOS, which can be deployed along with the IBE or in the next phase. Following are the key modules.
Flight Booking
This module connects to the flight booking API and brings real-time airline inventory, availability and pricing. B2C / B2B users can book a flight and generate PNR accordingly.
Hotel Booking
This module connects to hotel APIs and brings real-time hotel inventory, room availability and price per night. B2C users / B2B agencies can book hotels online.
Transfer Booking
Transfer module connects to transfer APIs and brings real-time transfers inventory, availability and pricing. B2C users / B2B agencies can book transfer deals.
Packages Booking
Cruise module lets B2C users and B2B agents book the cruise deals online while having the connectivity with cruise GDS and third party APIs.
B2C / B2B / Mid Office
PROVAB offers custom travel gds software platform with key modules like B2B, B2B, corporate, mid office and back office along with XML / API out.
Mobile Apps
Mobile apps are driving around 30% of the travel sales at present. We develop native mobile apps for B2C and B2B, both the type of users.

Why PROVAB to Setup A Travel Booking Website

We are having more than 15+ years of experience in the aviation, travel / tourism, transportation and hospitality verticals. Our next generation travel booking software platform (with GDS integration) is packaged with the best in class moduled to keep your agency ahead of curve. So
how to establish a travel agency
online? PROVAB can help.
Domain Experience
The best in class solutions that we have developed ranging from travel booking websites, mobile apps and corporate booking tools
High Performance & Tech
We have been using top technology stacks for more than 15 years in various technology platforms. Connect to schedule the webdemo.
Reduced Cost
Costs of all aspects are considered and not only infrastructure, operational and resource cost. Its 100% cloud based booking system.
Better Efficiency
We follow agile development methodology and daily communication to keep status ahead while delivering travel software system.
Benefits of Online Travel Agency Website
  • Deploy full scale travel booking website with APIs integration and offer flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing, rails and cruise.
  • Revolutionary GDS booking system lets you engage B2C users and B2B sub agencies to make more sales. Intuitive UIs and best in class features bring the edge.
  • Use your own domain name, deploy travel booking website and connect through web services. Sell your travel contents and deals under your brand.
  • Our cloud-based IBE (internet booking engine) is 1/2 the cost of a custom travel booking website with equal features. You spend less time managing technology and concentrate on core business.
  • Our online reservation system is 100% mobile ready. Your travel booking website will look and perform equally well on desktops, tablets and mobile phones with no extra coding or design work.
  • It offers payment gateway integration of your choice. Sell online deals on your website and receive payments directly into your account.
  • Integrate your online booking engine with leading enterprise resource planning suites like NetSuite, Brightpearl and Microsoft Dynamics to use top CRM functionalities.
  • Analyze and gain insight into your travel software system growth. See which sectors are selling more and tweak marketing campaigns according to that.
  • Travel engine is developed with high end technology to deliver the highest quality operations. We deploy the booking platform on dedicated server or AWS.
Online Travel Booking Website Implementation Process
  • Evaluation Phase : Exact requirement analysis
  • System Architecture and Inventory Management Strategy
  • Project Management and Team allocation
  • Web Application implementation
  • GDS / APIs Integration (Through Web Services APIs/XMLs)
  • Live certification process
  • End to End Testing
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Security and Support
  • Golive
  • Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Starting a travel agency business requires careful planning and execution. Begin by conducting thorough market research to identify your target audience, competitors, and potential niche markets. Create a solid business plan outlining your services, pricing strategy, and marketing approach. Invest in travel software to manage bookings, reservations, and customer inquiries efficiently. Develop relationships with airlines, hotels, and other travel suppliers to negotiate competitive rates and secure partnerships. Establish a strong online presence through a professional travel website and active presence on social media platforms.
A travel booking website is an online platform, where end users and agents can search for deals across multiple GDS / suppliers / aggregators and shows you the results in one place. For example, if you are looking for a flight from Boston, USA to Bangalore India - you will find out many options with several airlines to select the specific class at cheapest pricing.
New Distribution Capability - IATA NDC is a travel & hospitality industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development, growth and adoption of new XML-based data transmission standard, which is called NDC standards today. This was started in 2012 by IATA to replace the old EDIFACT, which global distribution systems rely on. EDIFACT can only display information such as fares and schedules and need an upgrade to meet the new global standards.
More likely, a central reservation system is used by entities like a hotel or chain of hotels. CRS allows you to manage the inventory and reservations can be done by end customers online or through the front desk. GDS - global distribution system aggregates and distributes the travel contents (airlines, hotels, rails, rentals) through a single seamless interface.
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