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Why Travel Portals & Online Booking Systems are Best to Plans Your Trip

Trip planning comes as a part of your vacation management and nothing could be better than getting assistance for planning your vacation. Planning your trip would involve different phrases like booking the airline, train or bus ticket, booking a hotel room, deciding on the places to visit and preparing a list of the tourist destination for your place of vacation. What about getting this done through an automated system? An automated system would be hassle free and help in providing you with a relaxed vacation.

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Technology has invaded every sphere of our life and so has it impacted the travel system across the world. Today we have travel portals to meet our travel needs. Emergence of more companies into the business of travel portal development has resulted into the creation of some of the excellent travel portals of the present time. Introduction of the concept of travel portal has revolutionized the way we look at planning our trip.

Earlier we had to stand in queue to make airline booking or railway ticket booking or we used to go through a travel agent get the travel booking done by paying them extra amount. Life has become much easy now through these travel portals and online booking system. They have enabled us to make airline booking, hotel booking and car rental bookings sitting at the comfort of our home.

We can take the example of India, which is slowly becoming of the hot destination, when it comes to travel and tourism. Every year India gets huge number of travellers who come to explore the beauty of the country. Could you imagine how these international tourists would have managed without the getting travel planned through a travel portal or online booking systems? The travel portal development companies in India and across the world have gifted the most valuable gift, which comes in the form of online travel portals. These travel portal development companies across the world have valuable resource who strives to make their travel portal and online booking system best in the world. The Indian travel industry at present generates about 77% of the share through the travel portals and the online travel booking system. As per the report the previous year has seen 70% of the travel booking conducted through the online portals. Travellers get travel booking at 10% – 15% less amount, which has made the online booking system very popular.

Travel portal are the online booking engines which comprises of airline booking system, hotel booking system and car rental booking systems. The travel portal development companies helps in the development of an online booking system to facilitate the visitors of the website with an excellent service. The different features associated with the online booking system are:

  • Air ticket booking for domestic and international travel
  • Hotel booking for domestic and international travel
  • Bus booking for national travelers
  • Car booking enabling the travelers to book car from the desired destination
  • Chartered plane booking

I think the features of a travel portal covers all the booking needs of the travellers. When the travellers have the facility of getting the task accomplished at the tip of their finger, there would be very little reason for not using the online booking services created by the travel technology companies. More over the implementation of GDS (global distribution system) have enabled the automated transaction between the third party and the booking agent, benefiting the end-user, the travellers.

The advantages associated with the use of travel portals and the online booking services are as follows:

  • Travelers get access to information related to any desired destination across the globe
  • The travel portal search engine provided high quality information in regards to any destination
  • Travelers gets the benefit of planning their trip through an organized travel portal system and enjoy the online booking facilities
  • Certain travel portal provide the facility of holiday packages, which becomes the one stop shop for all the needs of the travelers
  • The online booking system and the information available in the travel portal helps in saving time
  • Implementation of innovative travel development software helps in making the travels journey smooth
  • Travelers could compare the services and the price and proceed with booking
  • Travelers can take advantage of the discounts and deal available through the travel portals
  • With all the information available under a single roof, planning a vacation becomes very easy

When you think of a planning a vacation, refer to an online travel portal and get the online booking done for the destination of your choice. The travel portal development companies have done a great job in making our life easy, when it comes to planning a vacation.

Which are the top hotel APIs suppliers and consolidators in hospitality domain?

Globally, there are many top hotel suppliers. Expedia, GTA, Hotelbeds, Hotelspro to name a few. At local level, even some of the top DMCs also consolidate very good hotel inventory. One should select a hotel consolidator based on the target geography.


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