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Securing your Mobile Apps against Cyber Threats

1 Design for App Security

Now, when you have decided to ensure end-to-end security of your business application, you should start by preparing the threat model from the beginning. The best approach should be brainstorm like a hacker to identify all the loopholes in application. It will help you execute ironclad security measures. You can also take the assistance of professional security guys who act like hackers to test the application security and identify all the vulnerabilities.

The security of the application becomes even more critical when you want to run an eCommerce business through it. Just imagine about the possibility of the app getting hacked and sensitive user data, including email ID, phone number, bank account numbers, and credit details floating all over cyberspace. Your most important priority should be to protect sensitive user data at any cost.

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2 Mobile Device Management

In this Internet world, Online security of the application depends mostly on the kind of device being used by the user. iOS and Android, both operating systems behave differently – and you need to have different approaches for each OS to ensure high security. Developers should know the fact that the data accumulated on any device is capable of causing a security breach at anytime.

And this is where encryptions methods including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard, come into the picture. It helps you keep secure the data in the form of database, file, and other data formats. Moreover, while finalizing the mobile app cyber-security, it is important to consider encryption key management.

When we consider Apple, it has implemented strict security policy in place. It allows app owners to prevent any user from installing the app if they feel that the security of the user’s device is already breached.

3 App Wrapping

App Wrapping segregates your mobile application from the remaining devices by capturing it in a secure zone. Developers who are using MDM (Mobile Device Management) provider get this option automatically. By setting a few parameters, you can segment the app without writing any more code.

4 Secured User Authentication

Deploying secured user authentication and authorization is extremely important for any mobile application’s security. It is crucial to establish the fact that an authentic user is running the app to prevent its access from hackers and malware.

While setting up the user authentication, you must ensure including all the essential privacy points, identity, session management, and mobile security features. 2FA (two-factor authentication) or an MFA (multi-factor authentication) should be compulsory for stronger user authentication.

5 Hardening the OS

There are various methods to harden the operating system for added security of your mobile app. Apple has been the torchbearer of enforcing ironclad safety features with iOS. For iOS app’s safety, you need to stay updated by reading the quarterly reviews of Apple’s security guide, stay updated about the latest code samples, and understand static code commercial tools.

6 Ensure Security of APIs

All the time ensure to leverage APIs to handle all the data and business logic of the mobile app. APIs ensure the safety of data at any state including at transit or remaining static. It is one of the most quality of any mobile app.

7 Hire a Professional

Isn’t it obvious? If the above-mentioned points are giving you trouble, then you can always hire cybersecurity experts to help you fight the risk of cyber-threats. Most credible cyber-security experts have a Master Certificate in Cyber Security and good experience in subverting the major security threats.

Hiring an expert may come with a heavy price tag, however, in the end, it will be well value the effort. The best part is that you don’t have to track the budding threats or tweak anything on your own; the professional you hire will help you from the start until the very end.

Here are some of the skills that the cyber security professionals should have in his/her resume:

  • Expert at mobile device management
  • In-depth comprehension of network architecture
  • Potential to detect cyber threats, such as unauthorized access, data breach, etc.
  • Should demonstrate the ability to project security intrusions
  • Strong collaboration skills and the ability to work with team-members

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Summing it up

Remember, before you go about securing your mobile apps against threatening cyber security threats, it is crucial to locate what potential threats you are fighting against. After all, you can’t find a solution without comprehension of the gist of the problem in the first place.

Once you identify the security threats troubling your mobile app, it will definitely be easier for you to tackle the real threat.

If you fail to follow through the above practices to avoid mobile security threats, you might end up losing your customer data, resulting in heavy losses. So, don’t envoy anymore and work towards subverting cyber crime today.

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