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How Online Marketing, Travel Technology Services changing Travel Industry in Europe and Africa regions

Travel technology and online marketing have been the two aspects that are responsible for transforming the travel industry. It is because of travel technology that we have the privilege of booking our travel requirements online. Last five years, travel technology and online marketing have evolved to a great extent. Users are getting the best of it. Advertisers no longer interrupt consumers—they complement them. This extends to the travel industry and beyond. The combination of online marketing and travel technology has brought about a transformation of the travel industry. The travel industry is technologically laden with features like online reservation system and online booking system.  Travel companies promote their products and service online, reaching out to lot more travelers as compared to other methods of advertisement.

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Software for Travel Agency

Software for Travel Agency

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The growth of online marketing, personalized marketing, and mobile app use has changed the way travel companies do business. While TV ads and billboards are still relevant, online marketing rules these days.

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While online marketing is nothing new, Vertolli, Fitzgerald, and Schwartz—who serve a variety of travel companies—all agree that it has reached a new level over the past 12-18 months. The digital marketing world is extremely competitive now, and the best companies have learned that it’s not just about following consumers around (or retargeting them) while they search the Internet—it’s about being as relevant as possible to targeted consumers.

“The days of interruptive advertising…that’s not how it’s done anymore,” Vertolli said. “Now I think relevance is the new criteria. You don’t want to interrupt consumers; you want to complement them with ads that are specific to them. If you want to stand out from the noise, it used to be scream louder. Have a funnier commercial or a more insane offer. Now it’s relevance. Be as relevant as possible to that user and they will reward you with attention to your ad. With the travel industry, as with everywhere else, targeting is key. The stakes just keep getting higher.”

Travel Technology Software

Travel Technology Software

Personalized advertising has taken on a new meaning these days. Hotel companies, airlines, OTAs, tour operators—you name it—enlist the help of companies like Net Conversion and ActionX to learn as much as possible about potential customers as possible. Based on which keywords travelers use when searching, travel companies can tap into travelers’ mindsets (for example, a budget-oriented traveler will use words such as “cheap hotels” or “deals”). They’ll then retarget travelers using, for example, banner ads. Every page the traveler goes to, there’s that same ad or company flashing on the screen.

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Different types of ads will cater to different types of travelers. Business travelers will generally see a more straightforward advertising approach, Vertolli said (quick-hit details like rate, destination, proximity, cost, what’s covered, etc.), while leisure travelers will generally see ads that “pull more emotional strings.”

Video marketing has really taken off, especially when it comes to leisure travel. Post a 30-second YouTube clip of travelers enjoying that luxurious hotel stay or a complimentary outdoor activity and watch the interest skyrocket, Fitzgerald said.

“Travel is such an experiential thing,” Vertolli said. “Nothing can tell the story as much as the video does. Now with the Internet you can have a more specific video with a more specific audience.”

There are even a few tricks of the trade when video marketing.

Ever notice some travel ads show people enjoying themselves but don’t show their faces? There’s a reason for that.

While people want to see other people like them enjoying travel, showing the back of people’s heads in ads “is better because then you can imagine it’s you and your family,” Vertolli said.

Beyond that, as Fitzgerald noted, online video marketing is much more measurable than TV ads with the use of analytics, which can be helpful when you need to present your results to an important chairman or investor.

Online video advertising is also leading to fewer 3D and virtual tours of such things as hotel rooms. Why have a 3D or virtual tour when you can show the real experience with video? Vertolli said virtual tours used to be popular because they used less bandwidth, but, given bandwidth isn’t as much of an issue anymore as Internet speeds increase, 3D, and virtual tours are waning across the Internet.

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