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Travel Industry

Hospitality Industry’s technology has come a long way. Big companies in the industry have kept up with the times by adopting CRM systems and POS software, and are now dealing with the incremental introduction of AI, IoT and IOV to revolutionize the way they communicate with consumers. 

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Travel concierge service is a traditional practice of getting a guide at a certain location when you are a guest or tourist. These are the individuals who support visitors during their stay by assisting them with certain conditions such as language barrier, searching for tourist spots, and helping the tourists have a good experience. Travel Concierge will take care of all your travel arrangements, whether you are traveling for work or leisure.

Concierge services in the hotel industry are also changing a lot and innovation is impacting them. In concierge services, automation is slowly but steadily making its way, changing a lot of customer behavior and dynamics of service providers.Most hotels are introducing creative technological solutions to make the front desk experience of their guests more comfortable and hassle-free to avoid long queues and to be more casual and welcoming without the physical and digital gap generated by reception desks. All major global hotel businesses are moving in that direction.

A new concept of concierge

The truth of the matter is that today the internet, mobile apps, social media, review sites, online booking platforms give guests the ability to do local searches and take care of bookings and service requests on their own, turning each traveler into a professional concierge. That’s why this digital revolution will cause hospitality services to shift. 

Simply speaking, innovation has changed everything around the concierge, but at the same time, it has allowed industry operators to maintain momentum by taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital and mobile devices. All of these innovations can facilitate concierge work, allowing them to spend less time on administrative/bureaucratic tasks and more time on human interaction and focus on the needs and desires of customers.

Challenges for the Concierge Service providers

Demand for travel concierge services is growing significantly, as increasing numbers of banks and credit card companies are providing travel services to attract customers and increase loyalty, particularly among the big spenders.The scope and importance of travel concierge services will rise as disposable income, card spending and millennial traveling increases.

Nevertheless, organizational inefficiencies and lack of technology adoption hamper the growth of this sector. Companies providing travel concierge services are affected by issues such as slow turnaround time in customer response, manual bookings, accounting and reconciliation errors, and lack of reporting capabilities to help them keep tabs on their business. Also, their customers are increasingly requesting self-serve B2C portals to allow their premium customer/loyalty program members to make online reservations.

Introducing Travel Concierge Solutions

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT has developed a comprehensive travel platform with interfaces for both concierge employees and end customers, as well as a back & mid-office system for booking management and business automation.It is a seamless platform for travel planning and collaboration that improves concierge efficiency and provides consumers with a top-notch experience. It produces accurate reports and allows centralized monitoring of transactions.

Benefits of Travel Concierge Providers

Client specific marketing

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Shorter Response Time

Increased Productivity for the Concierge

Accurate Reporting

Easier and Quicker Quote Sharing

Better Marketing & Promotions

Higher Conversion rate

Better Concierge-Client Communication

Eliminates Manual Booking Entries

Improved Revenue Management

Better Markups and Commissions Tracking

Features of our Back Office Module

The Travel Concierge Solution includes a powerful Back & Mid-office Module which facilitates the configuration of business and other key business processes including the management of portals, transactions, reward programs, employees, accounting, reporting, etc. The key features are as follows:

Advance business and pricing features for efficient revenue management

Promotions module which allows for delivery of intelligent promotions with business rules and availability criteria

Supplier and Customer Accounting

Ability to manage supplier-specific business rules from a single admin interface

Versatile Booking Management System

Management of both web and mobile bookings Ability to configure markup exceptions

Creates Custom Business Reports for all business needs

>> Are you looking for a Travel Concierge Service? : Get in touch with our team

Tourism and hospitality

To sum up, it seems that the human factor is still very relevant, even though the technology is increasingly being used in hotel concierge services. Also, a growing number of travelers are preferring destinations where they can turn off technology and the modern world in search of a kind of virtual detox that rewards human contact. There are even hotels advertising the fact that they offer free wifi stays, so it is quite clear that technology is still not capable of replacing a good concierge service completely.

But what’s the concierge’s future like? It’s hard to say yet. For the moment, the only certain thing is that humans and technology can not only coexist in the delivery of concierge services, but if combined smartly, they can offer great business opportunities to hoteliers and offer extremely high quality of service and personalization to hotel guests.

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