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The art of building a successful Mobile Application

Being an Entrepreneur, if you think android apps are for big ventures, think again. Android applications are playing a notable role for SMEs to drive sales. Giving users the ease-of-accessibility, information, and solutions, apps are everywhere.

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If you observe, small businesses like salons, ice cream parlours, small cafes, etc. are coming up with their dedicated apps to stay forwards to the curve. As a direct result, the app market is becoming ruthless. Therefore, in sequence to make your business app a success, you need to master the essential components.

Fret not! As this blog has done all the hard effort for you to discern. Take a look:

Have a Laser Focus on the Core Features

The fundamental component to roll out a successful app is to fill in the core features that will align with users requireds. The idea is to develop an app that is entirely invalid of unnecessary features for rendering a decluttered user experience.

Therefore, come up with the core feature as a beginning strategy to get favor from users. You may include extra features in the later versions to a sign of advancement in the coming days. This happens to be one of the important strategies that both marketers and developers use to build an android app.

Simplicity is the Key

In mobile apps, less is always more! Hence, you should consistently make a point to keep the user interface simple and seamless. There is something fascinating about these apps which many often overlook. These Android apps are sort of task-oriented. Therefore, users yearn for maximum order without much hassle.

Keeping the navigation and design simple, an app can get more and more traffic. Marketers take help of professional developers to get it done.

Consider Activity

An activity is another basic yet main component which you need to pay attention. It typically provides the path to connect with a window of any mobile screen. Generally, activities are categorized into two types:

Main activity

Child activity

Several functionalities of an activity are crucial for an Android app. For example, when a new screen or window appears, the previous activity is added to the back stack. Hence, make sure the life cycle of an activity is precise.

Also Content Providers

This is a necessary component which allows Android apps share data between other apps. Keeping the feature of security intact, content providers may read or write data which are never shared. Therefore, to continue easy access to data, consider content providers which will be an internal inclusion to your app.

Work on Intent & Broadcast Receivers

In any Android app, aim is a communication medium for performing several queries from other apps. At several instances, intent comes into use. For example, passing a single intent to begin a service or even broadcasts can be sent with this unique feature. Intents are of 2 types-



However, you need to test the waters before you sail the boat. To get the best result, professional assist from expert developers is advised. 

>> Looking for building a mobile application? : Connect with Sales

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Tap into Widgets & Notifications

To give your users home screen customization and maximum benefit, widgets and notifications are the must-have elements. From informational to control widgets, you can get a swirl of options to integrate into your app. Moreover, include the leading feature of notifications to keep users on-the-go with important messages & alerts.

Any app success requires right strategy, development, and maintenance. To get all these done effortlessly, you need to get in touch with professionals at the earliest and upgrade your business on the digital landscape. To know more, cruise on our website.


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