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How travel automation solutions and travel technology have helped B2B travel agencies and DMCs?

In the last few years, the growth of travel technology has been great and it will continue for the upcoming years too. It opens the door for process automation and hence, global industries will gain benefits out of it. In 2016, many revolutions are expected to happen in the travel technology industry. Technological advancement can affect the supply-demand ratio of the travel industry. Innovative solutions can enhance the efficiency and help companies to drive-in more revenue through advanced marketing features.

Travel automation solutions

Travel automation solutions

In early days, travel-related bookings were very simple. There was no technology embedded to this industry. A direct visit to the travel agents’ place or sending an email to the travel agent were the strategies followed for making flight reservations or hotel booking. But nowadays people are demanding and they opt for customized travel solutions and hence the challenges faced by any travel company are high.

Almost all of the travel service providers have opted for streamlined processes to expand the business possibilities in their sector. In 2016, this would grow wider by opening new genre of customer services. Medium and large scale enterprises in the travel industry have implemented Sales Force Automation (SFA) for improving the performance of the sales force.

According to the sales force, 90% of the world’s data could be created within the 12 months. It shows that the adoption was heavy in 2015. Travel agencies plan to work along with SFA solutions to improve the capability of optimizing expenditure and income.

Another advantageous feature of SFA solution is that it helps in streamlining the processes in relation to business or corporate traveling. Many of the companies tend to arrange their business trips independently. After the integration of SFA system with the travel technology companies, the opportunities for the travel industry has grown immensely. This technological advancement has helped the companies to save money and time accordingly.

Travel automation solutions

Travel automation solutions

Another major change the travel companies witness this year is the customer buying behavior. As the demands of the customer increases, the competitors utilize the opportunity lying in between the gaps of satisfaction level they have. To enable more interests in the minds of the customers, content marketing is an important factor. It’s the only way in which the company and the customer establish a close association. Always the customers look forward to finding a genuine travel partner to enhance their travel experience. The key focus in 2016 is how to gain more customers with the genuine services in association with proper content marketing solutions.

More than just receiving the booking confirmation emails and promotional emails, the customers always wish to know more about the travel experience, offers, deals and activities that interest them. So it’s the capability of a travel agency to provide the most appropriate solution to their customer needs. To forge a sustainable relationship, it’s very important for the travel agencies to give importance to the contents they market.

Over the next five years a major transformation in the technology and improve the travel industry drastically. So the future is always open for those who are ready to change accordingly. To provide efficient solutions for service and operational facilities, it is important that the travel service providers should adapt to the recent software development in travel domain.

Why travel portals and online booking software are going for merchant accounts and mcommerce way?

A merchant account is a specific bank account intended to hold funds, received from credit and debit card sales through online payment interfaces on B2C travel software and Travel POS. If you’ve ever used your card and actually wondered where the funds just disappeared to, they went into a merchant account. When a customer pays for booking travel products using credit or debit card, money from his account is immediately transferred to the travel agent’s merchant account. From there, money will be transferred out to a normal business bank account through a standard protocol.


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