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How mobile technology has prospered business travel experience?

In our swiftly changing world of technology gets increasingly connected with smartphone and tablet. The latest research on the use of technology for business shows how to use these devices in an effective manner to enhance experiences of business travelers.

Technology for business

Technology for business

What are the things carried by business travelers?

In the olden days, people used to carry a lot of things during business trips. Travel itineraries, air tickets, business reports and so on. But nowadays business trip is made easy by the usage of smartphone. You only need to carry two things; your passport and smartphone.

Readily available information

Innovation facilitates the travel, more effectively and smoothly. It is easy to connect with friends and colleagues on our mobile devices. Whether its smartphone or tablet or PC, your required information will be readily available at your fingertips. Strong technology platforms are integrated with cloud to gain a large amount of data. This data will provide an on-time update on your search.

Smart devices and applications are equipping people with high proficiency. While traveling, employees can utilize ‘dead-time’ by investing more time on analyzing the data on their smart devices.

Is technology really helping business travelers?

A recent survey by YouGov said ‘yes’ to this question. According to online research, technology (such as smartphones, laptops, and applications) simplified and accelerated the travel experience. Many of the business travelers believe that apps have reduced their stress during the time of travel. Most of the times, language and location create a confusion among them. Several apps have enabled business travelers to meet their concerned office on time, with the help of apps.

Technology for business

Technology for business

However, the world’s best tools are valid only if people use it. According to the summary of the study, over three-quarters which are approximately 77% reported that they have wasted their time because of the lack of an apt tool to work with. More than 39% of business travelers do not use apps at all during their travel time. Since 18% of business travelers said one of his biggest pain points was the pile of receipts and expense reports that need to be clarified at the time of return from travel. Travel and expense management apps help to manage trip flights, receive alerts, check and information with colleagues and friends online by moving fingertips.

No more wait for utilizing your unproductive time. When you have technologically advanced features, you need to utilize it to have a safe and easy journey. World-wide connectivity and easy message transferring have made the world shrink. No more language is a barrier because you have translator apps, route is never difficult to find because you have GPS facility on your smartphone. Adapting the new developments can enrich your business prosperity.

It is high-time that your business optimizes the travel expenses. Most of the times travel budget surpasses the budget limit forecasted by the company. Proper management of travel expenses is possible through travel software. Access to travel information via mobile devices is lacking in many travel and expense management software. An entire package of travel management software supported by an app can bring down expenses and enable transparency to expense management.

Why Amadeus software is in great demand among agencies in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other middle east countries?

Amadeus GDS is known as one of the best global distribution systems across the globe. Amadeus software uses the web services and using which online travel booking systems could be connected with amadeus travel inventory. So basically Amadeus GDS software is travel software connected with Amadeus GDS system.  


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