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Whether you are a startup company or SME enterprise or large organisation, you’ve to be mobile first. And more over, its not only about mobile but online presence in terms of web and mobile applications must be best in class. These are key prerequisites for any business to survive and grow.

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A team of dedicated programmers is by far the most important factor for a successful web and mobile app development. However, this can become overwhelming given the large and growing number of developers in software companies as well as freelance developers. So below are top five steps, which businesses can follow to setup a team of dedicated developers any where in the world. 

Step 1 : Select the Country and Providers 

Startups in the United States and Europe are hiring top programmers in India and Asia Pacific. India being one of the leading outsourcing destinations in the world, setting up a team of web and app developers in India, has long term strategic benefits. Once you select the destination as India, you can select a list of top software companies in India which are providing dedicated programmers on a monthly contract. 

Step 2 : Share Requirements and Negotiate the Hourly Rates

Share your complete requirements to shortlisted software companies and ask them to submit the workflow. Once you validate the workflow, then you can ask for hourly rates. If you are hiring 5-6 dedicated developers on your project, you can definitely negotiate a bit. But yes, every good thing will come at the right price. 

Step 3 : Interview Programmers and Onboard Your Team

Go for a detailed interview of the shortlisted programmers. Rather than only skill sets, check the complete implementations done by them. All the shortlisted programmers, UI designers and BAs should be then onboarded so that they become a part of your IT team. 

Step 4 : Tasks Allocation and Tools

Once the programmers are onboarded, you can share a detailed vision to them before sharing the tasks. They should be a clear connect between the programmers and your team. Use tools like JIRA for task allocation and progress review. 

Step 5 : Review, Engage and Grow

Weekly review is a must for any offshore team of programmers. Check the progress and reward them, if they are ahead of the plan. Give them a firm directive, if they are lagging in progress. As most of the programmers are aware that the duration of their contract is connected with performance, you will always find reasonably good performance from their end. 

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Advantage of hiring programmers at offshore

  • Lets you hire professionals worldwide at right cost
  • Hassle-free access to Indian workforce
  • Time utilization
  • Cost-saving through optimization resources
  • Higher retention rates with short, mid-term and long term assignments

There are certain clear advantages of hiring top web & mobile app developers in India, which is now a hub of all leading IT / software companies.  


Nowadays most of the company functions as a R.O.W.E (Result Only Work Environment), but some still have a stronghold on the old fashioned only working apart from any other activities. But if you are looking to hire top talent, try to lose the traditional workplace as much as you can. The great way to pull the attention of new talent to your company is by listing your remote company’s flexible work policy in its job description.

Where to look

To source remote app developers who can be right for your company, look for specialized sites that cater to your platform-specific app developers like PHP, JavaScript, .NET. Node.Js, AngularJS. I suggest to be the best site where you can find key roles and responsibilities of app and web app developer explained properly. You can also find certification done, as well as its day to day industry update activities to judge its skills.

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Seek out their soft skills

Education, experience and technical knowledge is a common thing found in every candidate. Instead, I’ll suggest HRs’ to look for soft skills i.e., time management, tech-savvy and strong communicator that is necessary to work remotely.

How tools plan a major role to define superior productivity while working remotely

Using online tools such as project management software, collaborative creation tools and more help you to feel comfortable and saves time while communicating with the expert teammates. The alternative saves you time and allows you to majorly concentrate on app development. The software schedules meetings regularly, phone calls and also a creation of work reports. It notifies regular updates on call and progress reports. The software also assigns tasks, and a deadline of it so that it will be meaningful, creative and important to you.

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