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What are the ways to book hotels for cheap rates?

Have you ever felt that hotel reservations are accounting for the major portion of your travel funds? Sometimes even if you don’t make the reservation for 4 or 5-star property, it can easily cost you more than $500. While planning a budget trip, always make sure that you enjoy the trip to its maximum. You need to have enough money for airfares, lodging, short trips to make sightseeing, enjoy good meals and do purchasing.

Ways to book hotels for cheap rates

Ways to book hotels for cheap rates

Here are a few tips on the ways to book hotels for cheap rates:

Usage of Metasearch Engine

To find the most affordable accommodations, one of the best effective ways is the usage of the metasearch engine. A hotel metasearch engine is a website that helps in searching multiple hotel booking sites at once. Instead of making the search for every single hotel booking sites, metasearch engine searches multiple sites at once to provide the best value at lower rates.

Make Direct Call to the Hotel

Once you have finalized with the hotel where you wish to stay during the trip, then it is always better that you make a direct call to the hotel suppliers. This can help you in availing the best offer from them. If you are able to speak to someone over the phone or email, then you may be able to have an insight into the hotel rates that may not be advertised online. It can also help you to choose the best room prices in accordance with the season or the number of occupants.

Make Cancelable Booking

The room rates are highly fluctuating. Once the booking is placed, you may find a better pricing the next hour. It always depends on the supply and demand of the hotel. Always it is better to opt for a cancelable rate of booking. It should be obvious which rates are cancelable. Normally, the sites may provide call-out statements like ‘Free Cancellation- Pay later,”. You need to double check the pricing and booking rates. It is always better to monitor the prices, given in all the websites as well as the prices of the hotels or hostels nearby. This may be a little bit hectic, but it can save a lot of time.

Ways to book hotels for cheap rates

Ways to book hotels for cheap rates

Last Minute Booking

Last minute booking is advisable only for shorter trips. It is not advisable to wait till the last minute booking if you want to book a suite room for an international trip. It’s always advisable to do last minute booking to gain cheaper rates of hotel booking. There are certain apps which promote last minute hotel reservations. They negotiate with the hotels to find discounts on unsold rooms. For eg; you may find special deals like “Tonight deals” or “Deals Tonight”.

All these methods are very general ways to find the best travel deals. For frequent flyers, it is difficult to manage the travel rates and therefore, by following any of these simple tips can help them save a lot.

Virtual reality adds value to travel technology and global tourism industry.

Virtual reality (VR) is providing an entirely new experience to the travelers. With the help of VR headsets, people indulge in the travel experience offered by 360-degree video, sensory elements and panoramic photos. This helps travelers to make wise decisions regarding holiday packages, airline reservations, car hire or bus ticket booking on various OTA travel portals. This is why travel technology companies are using VR as a component in upcoming OTA portals.


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