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Travelport GDS, One of the Best Global Distribution Systems in Travel Domain

At present every travel agent or travel management companies wants to get associated with the global distribution system or GDS. This helps in taking their business a step forward and helps in providing their customers with more options. This is the main reason that GDS has gained such a huge importance in the Travel industry. Among the various GDS that is available at present Travelport GDS is leading the race. Travelport GDS is the leading travel commerce platform and know for providing solutions like distribution, technology and payment for the global travel and tourism industry that is worth around $7 trillion. At the annual TTG travel award, Travelport have been honored for being the best GDS system in the Asia-pacific for the sixth consecutive year.

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Travelport GDS

Travelport GDS

Travelport GDS

The travel GDS system integration platform for Travelport acts as the centric point for travel providers, travel agencies, corporate and developers to get connected. This acts as the means for increasing profitability and helping the online booking system and other sources to achieve commercial success in the B2B (business-to-business) travel network.

Travelport has utilized the rising demand of the travel industry to redefine the distribution system involving the core elements of airlines and the ancillary products. The organization is also known for paving the path for the growing need for travel commerce which includes hotel, rail, tour operators, car rentals and cruise.

With the vision of redefining the travel global system integration with every passing day, Travelport have maintained their domain expertise in the travel industry, which has helped them to remain the best GDS system integration in the travel domain.

One of the most prominent example of the effort made by Travelport to remain as the leader of global distribution system integration, is the initiative taken to design the B2B payment solution, which was the first of its kind in the history of travel domain. The B2B payment solution was the answer to the much awaited demand of the travel intermediaries to accomplish the travel transaction securely. What makes Travelport superior among the GDS providers is the efficiency with which it accomplished its additional services like advertising solutions, data services for business intelligence, services for subscription and providing analogical marketing tools for travel agencies, travel data users and travel providers.

Benefits of partnering with Travelport

A GDS distribution system is termed to be the best form the benefits that it renders to its partners. Partnering with a GDS system is done with the intention of having a through support system to serve the client and be able to have the highest level of customer satisfaction in return. You may partner with Travelport Apollo, Travelport Galileo or Travelport Worldspan, its the same level of service rendered.

The benefits that Travelport has brought for the travel agencies and the travel management companies are:

Performance enhancement

Travelport through its online and classroom training services aims at improving the performance of the travel agencies and the travel management companies. This is something which could be regarded as the extra cream on the cake provided by the organization

Growth for the travel management company

The Travelport Account Management is designed and developed with the aim of maximizing the investment of its partner and implement service and technologies, which bring business enhancement.

Effective communication

The best part of Travelport is the continuous communication that it renders to its partners. The communication is in regards to product update, the changing trend of the travel industry, advisories for the service provided and update in regards to the training provided.

Products and Services offered by Travelport

The products and services offered by Travelport has a great share in its success. The various products of Travelport that has made it as the most preferred GDS includes:

Travelport Smartpoint

Travelport Smartpoint helps in utilizing the latest technology and latest content, which would in the course of time take the business towards the peak of growth. The advantage for travel agencies and travel management companies are productive gains, improved customer service and cost reduction

Travelport Universal API

Travelport’s has produced the first universal API for the Global Distribution System(GDS) in the form of Universal API. It has the feature of using single API connection for providing information about the content and functionality

Travelport Merchandising Platform for Airlines

This constitutes of a range of travel sales and market retailing capabilities through the GDS platform. It helps the airline companies to promote product and services to the right buyer, at the right time and right place

Travelport Mobile Agent

This feature help in accessing Travelport’s Global Distribution System (GDS) with the help of Smartphone or tablets. This is an Android and iOS application which helps the travel agent to access Travelport Galileo GDS, Travelport Apollo and Travelport Worldspan GDS at any time and location with the mobile devices.

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Author is a travel technology expert and has been involved in several travel portal development projects.


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