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Top points while choosing Travel Agency Software, Tour Operator Software or Travel eCommerce Solutions

When you are searching for travel agency software, tour operator software or travel ecommerce solutions, one of the most important points to consider is the features associated with it. The level of customization capability that the software possess also plays an important factor, while deciding on the software. One more major factor is the level of support that you would receive when you face technical difficulties, after the software has been launched.

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travel agency software

travel agency software

Choosing a travel agency software or a travel portal software could be a challenging task, unless you concentrate on the below mentioned key points.

  • Make a note of the features that you want
  • The software should align with your business requirement
  • Have a look at the demo of the software that you are planning to purchase
  • Search for a software that could be customized
  • After development support is very essential
  • The software should be scalable
  • Price should fit your budget

1. Make a note of the features that you want in the software

Making a list of the features that you are looking for in the software would help you in knowing your needs. Make a note of the key features and the special requirement that you expect from the software. One of the most common examples that I can site for you is the involvement of advanced mark-up module or the log of the user behavior analysis or an open source technology for your system. Your requirement may include easy access like one click quotation, voucher access from any point, automatic cancellation of booking and raising a system alert automatically. You may wish to have customized features like multiple payment gateway, multi-language framework, pricing model that is flexible and a more controlled back office features.

2. The software should align with your business requirement

The software that you purchase should have the capability of meeting your business requirement. This could be ascertained by conducting a market research and designing a business system that meets your requirements. The requirements vary as your business may be spread in one region or it may be spread across the world. The travel agency that you operate might be small with limited number of staffs or it may be a large organization with many employees. There may be a requirement to provide special access to certain employees and there may be requirement for different log ins. Your concept about your business operation should be very clear and accordingly the software should fit into your business requirement.

3. Have a look at the demo of the software that you are planning to purchase

An online presentation may showcase all the features, but it is advisable to ask for demo. Demo helps in understanding the system, along with handling it more efficiently. It is better not to have a system that you don’t have knowledge about and are not able to use. It is essential to know about the system and how to effectively use it and getting a demo will provide you the opportunity of asking the question related to the operational features of the system.

4. Search for a software that could be customized

Customization is a feature that would allow you to add desired feature to the software when required. The travel software doesn’t come with all the features. Customization would help you in adding and deleting the features at the required time.

5. After development support is very essential

The level of support that the software development company would offer is crucial to the smooth running of the system. When you are stuck, it is the support people who would help you to come out of the situation. You should opt for a software that has 24/7 support team, who would be at their tow to help with any kind of problem that arise with the software.

6. The software should be scalable

By being scalable the software would have enough room for expansion. When the software is scalable, it would have sufficient room for adjustment of your growing business and there would be no chance of the business getting halt due to the operation functions. This kind of software system would enable your business to grow without any kind of limitation associated with it. This is for your system facing less hassle during the course of expansion of your business and maintaining a steady growth.

7. Price should fit your budget 

It is not essential that costly software would provide the best solution and it is also not essential that free software would save cost. Though your budget is limited, investing in better software is recommended. Getting software should be considered as a long term investment. There is always a comparison between features, functionality and piece of mind and price. If you invest in an effective software system, it would be capable of saving money in the future and also lot of frustration.

8. Mobile compatibility

A key feature knowing the fact that 30% of the travel booking is coming from mobile devices.

What is the cost of online booking software for a travel agency, DMC?

If you are associated with the travel industry as a travel company, tourism development organization, resort, travel agency, consolidator or a travel adviser; you may be using travel technology solution that lends you the edge to attract/retain customers and beat competition. To set up OTA software, one needs to have a clear idea regarding the cost involved in developing a travel portal. After-all nothing comes without a cost.  For every dollar that you spend in developing the travel software, you should get 10 fold back as the latest technology driven online travel booking software will drive more customers – means increase in sales & revenue.

Regarding Author:

Author is a senior business analyst and an expert in travel software development and marketing strategy implementation.


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