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How to build a convenient taxi app with reliable and professional travel solutions?

Before you develop a taxi app for your business, make sure that you hire the best app development company with previous experience in developing similar apps. Let’s find out how to build a convenient taxi app with reliable and professional travel solutions. Also, you need to check if their apps have following features:

Taxi app with travel solutions

Taxi app with travel solutions

Tracking the location: If you check the major taxi booking apps, it tracks the location of the user all the time. Even when you are not using the app, it tracks your location so that it can find the nearest driver, when you really want to book a cab. You can check the location of your driver after he accepts your booking. Also, you can check the distance he has traveled and the countdown the time taken to reach your destination.

Calculation of the trip fare: Highly distinctive from the traditional ways of reading the fare from meter, taxi apps have adopted auto generated taxi fares shown by apps after considering 4 components as shown here:

  • Base fare
  • Cost per minute
  • Cost per mile
  • Booking fee

Cost per mile is decided with the help of GPS and it depends on the mileage on your route and the rate decided by the taxi booking company. It will be visible for the users prior to their bookings.

Integrated payment gateway: All the major taxi booking apps will offer all the payment modes, cash or cashless payment system. iOS SDK provides easy to use APIs and to add any payment option to the app. Also, Venmo touch allow the users to make one-tap purchase without making repeated entry of the card details.

Rating system: The star rating system within the app will allow the riders to know more about the driver. For example: Uber will allow the rider to give rating up to 5 stars and the rider can also write their comments about the driver or his driving. This will allow other riders to understand the behavior of the rider and proceed or cancel the booking. This will allow to improve the client services done by the service provider as such. Also, drivers will be cautious to be courteous and well-behaved with the riders.

Taxi booking app features

Taxi booking app features

While competing for customers is a great challenge for new taxi booking apps, the opposition for drivers may be considerably fiercer. Taxi organizations regularly vie for a similar pool of drivers. Furthermore, it’s barely distorting things to state that the taxi benefit that offers the most livens to drivers wins.

In reply to expanding rivalry, and furthermore in light of the fact that Uber has been confronting different claims from drivers who blame the organization for less salary, Uber has revealed a couple of new driver-accommodating elements this year.

Presently, Uber drivers in some US urban areas can “stop” new ride demands while on a course (without logging off the application totally). They can likewise charge travelers for being two minutes late for a ride. Moreover, they cash out their earnings at any time that they’re driving the US streets.

Virtual reality adds value to travel technology and global tourism industry.

Virtual reality (VR) is providing an entirely new experience to the travelers. With the help of VR headsets, people indulge in the travel experience offered by 360-degree video, sensory elements and panoramic photos. This helps travelers to make wise decisions regarding holiday packages, airline reservations, car hire or bus ticket booking on various OTA travel portals. This is why travel technology companies are using VR as a component in upcoming OTA portals.



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