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How Micro Moments from Google Becomes a New Battleground for Brands ?

Consumer behavior changed a lot. The moment you want to search or find something, you look for your mobile phone. It can provide an abrupt answer to doubt or suggestion you need to know. Mobile has put forward an everlasting change in the lives of the consumers. It could also change the way a consumer, perceive the brand.

Travel mcommerce

Travel mcommerce

Usual moments in life like making a call to the dear one or texting a friend can happen many times a day. Whereas there are other significant moments which can be sold; I want-to-know moments, I want-to-go moments, I want-to-do moments, and I want-to-buy moments. These moments are called micro-moments by Google. It acts like a game-changer for all the brands and the consumers.

When you want to learn something, watch something, or listen to something- your reflexes make you look for the suggestion, only on your mobile! During any of these moments, your expectations will be high and you expect an immediate, prompt answer. Be sure that your brand will never miss these micro-moments.

How to Succeed in a Micro-Moment World?

Three important strategies to win the battleground of brands

Travel mcommerce

Travel mcommerce

Be There: The brands should anticipate the micro-moments for the consumers. When those moments occur, the brands should show their commitment towards consumers.

Be Useful: Your brand should be relevant to consumers’ need at any particular moment.

Be Quick: You need answers quickly and within the moment, you shall buy a product. So the brands need to provide agile answers with no friction for immediate results.

What You Can Do?

Make a moment’s map: Identify the moments most important to your brand. Go through all the phases of your consumer’s buying nature- when consumers learn about your products, make a purchase decision or so on.

Understand customer needs in-the-moment: Always think from the customer’s point of view. What content can be helpful to my consumer? What are the features they normally search for? These questions can get you on the right track of micro-moments and win the situation.

Use context to deliver the right experience: Provide customized to your consumers. By keeping location and date of delivery in mind, you can provide the nearby store for them. For example, give valuable feedback if the product is not in stock. Also, let them know when it is available too.

Optimize across the journey: Your consumers may swiftly move across different channels and screens. Your brand should also be prepared to organize around the moments and account for the day’s complex and fractured journeys.

Measure every moment that matters: The return of investment on certain moments may not be valuable. So be prepared to fill the gap between the moments if you lose in certain cracks.

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