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How can you easily overcome the challenges faced by the Online Travel Agencies?

The online travel industry is one of the biggest developing ventures yet with the present setup, it is difficult to trust that we have really taken more time to achieve where we are today. Considering the technological advancements, we are indeed left back while other enterprises with lesser resources have evolved quicker and are much open to all. How about we observe the most concerning issues the online travel industry is confronting today followed by what should be possible to minimize or control them.

Challenges of OTAs

Challenges of OTAs

Challenges faced by the Online Travel Agencies are as follows:

Tremendous fees

This is maybe the most difficult issue for hotels and airlines. The expenses charged by online travel agencies and GDSs are experiencing the roof top. Indeed, to control the yearly GDS costs, Lufthansa Group needed to include an additional charge of 16 euros for every booking made by means of the GDSs and the hospitality industry addressed this by making Roomkey, a hotel search engine brought about by six major hotel brands.

Outdated technology

In spite of the huge development in technology, the systems, and technologies utilized by the travel business are obsolete and lack standards. This outcome in data making 5-10 jumps before it reaches the travel agent. The outcome is an extensive lag, which is in minutes, rather than milliseconds, expanding the cost of transmitting this data from providers to end users drastically.

No master plan

The travel tech ecosystem is very complicated. This makes it exceptionally troublesome for new organizations to enter it. Since there is no master plan, there are minimal established standards and the market pioneers are simply keeping up their norm.

Very few open standards

We just have IATA with its NDC (New Distribution Capability) for the time being. Yet, the catch is that they move gradually.

Difficult to understand

The travel information is hard to comprehend in view of many reasons, a couple of them are:

  • The way it has developed.
  • The legacy structure of hidden databases.
  • The way it has worked for this long
Challenges of OTAs

Challenges of OTAs

Because of an excessive number of sources of info, a few controls, some provider ordered, some mediator commanded and some, in fact, commanded, the travel information structures have gotten to be complex.

Huge access fee and unavailability of data

There is no unreservedly accessible commercial information and it is important to have business consent to access any travel industry data. To get this commercial access, a huge access fee is required which turns into a major obstacle to clear for some new startups.

No perfect structure

There is a lot of deal of information in the travel business, however, no reasonable approach to getting it. The large travel organizations are siloed, bureaucratic and hierarchical making it hard to get information from one fixed source.

Actions to be taken to check these issues:

Make it possible to have a universal application associating different carriers and airports. End users must not require introducing many applications for hotels, flights, and exchanges in an unexpected way. For end users, it gets every one of their necessities one place and for organizations, it brings the force of their whole travel business readily available.

Hotels must give an API endpoint to third party developers encouraging simple access to their costs and itinerary availability.There must be various commercial centers for hotel rooms, where organizations can purchase singular rooms and room blocks too.The APIs and Standards must be composed in one place making them open for utilizing, improvement and contribution.There must be modern and usable strategies for interoperability. Advancement in the industry must be inescapable and not be debilitated by outside development our travel industry should constantly welcome outsiders to help it develop and make it open to all to expand advancement.

We have in reality progressed significantly and shockingly there is a great deal remaining to accomplish. With setting up pioneers giving simple and open access to their APIs and permitting different organizations and associations to contribute and enhance them, genuine innovation won’t stay far away.

Why hotel APIs are a key part of online hotel booking systems today?

To access wide array of online inventory, online hotel booking system is integrated with one or more Hotel APIs. An API is a set of functions, procedures or methods used by computer programs to request services from the OS, software libraries or any other service providers running on the system. Nowadays, there are various Hotel API providers available in the market like Expedia Hotel API, GTA API, Hotelbeds API, Hotelspro API, Travco API, and many more.


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